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Gage Golightly + Ashley Argota

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“Yes I’m glad you’re not sore anymore now I can cuddle with you without having to worry about any pain.” He said looking over at her. Boyd glances up and points to a sign “babe look we’re getting close to the beach.” He said with a grin.

"Yes. It’s better now for sure." She muttered, looking up at him with a wide grin. "I love the beach here. It’s so much nicer than the other beaches around the area. Plus, there’s not always a ton of people."

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"But what if I ask, hmm. Still a no?"

"Um…we could compromise."

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"We won’t just manage, we’ll be the best parents ever…" he smirked at her and laughed, it was so weird talking about all this "Well don’t, okay." he smiled softly at the camera and considered asking to go home early but quickly stopped those thoughts, he had a duty here. "I like Zoey," he agreed with nod.


"That’s true. We will kick ass at the parent world." She couldn’t help the way she felt about this, how happy she was instead of afraid. "I wish you were here though, you know? It’d be a lot more amazing. Having you miss all of this….the kissing of my belly and the cooing and all that? It…hurts." She gave a nod in agreement. "Zoey or Charlie."

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Can’t Rembember To Forget You • Hayley & Erica.


 ” Somehow. But It was better when I found out that I found a place where I belong because they are like my family ”

         [ she chuckled, remembering her time in the woods.  ]


"That’s good to know that…right? I remember when we first met, I hated you. So it’s good to be easily accepted."

{Boy had their lives changed since then.}


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Gage Golightly + Malese Jow

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