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[8/10] pictures of gage golightly

[8/10] pictures of gage golightly

You don’t have to like me
cause I don’t like you
you’re too beige &
I need black and blue


There’s no response from Darcy as she sinks down to her knees though, there is a smirk which means she clearly won this one.


Eric let out a groan, leaning his head back against the wall, eyes darkening as he looked down at her. “Suck me, now.”

Humiliation at It’s Finest || notmyjeepyoukeep


" Sure I will ! We can brag together about all those idiots that come here for a day or two and whine as if there life is gonna end. And about over worrying parents after their toddler swallowed a condom or something. I am close to a few nurses, they have the best gossip. Misses Mccall, she is the mother of a friend of mine, and she has been great to me, all the time. Do you know her ? I am sure she will like you too and then she can sneak you stuff or something. " He grins at her, trying to cheer her up and maybe look forward a bit more to the time here. Of course it’s not as nice as the real life and everything, but it’s not the worst ever either.

" We can totally watch Disney movies. I have a lot of stuff on my laptop, there should be a few of those as well. It’s easier than watching over the tv’s here or anything. I got a new one a bit ago too, so. " Stiles shrugs, smiling lightly. It’s one of the few things he wishes for. He knows that his dead is puttin ga lot of money in the hospital costs, although he saves on a bunch of other stuff for Stiles, like him going partying, buying tons of clothes or snacks or anything, a car. All the things Stiles doesn’t really need in here, where he spends most of his time.

" Well - I am sure there can be something done about that. We could ask the internet, it has answers for everything. " He exclaims, before blushing lightly at her compliments, the usual grin turning into a shy smile." Uh- Thanks. " 

"Oh my god, yes, I hate those people so much. The ones that are like, super rich or big athletes crying about how they’ll never play again. Try having to live most of your life in here." She started to cough, lying back against the pillows and pulling the covers up around her. "I love Miss McCall. She’s so nice to me, even bought me a stuffed puppy when I first started getting my seizures. She’s the best nurse I’ve ever had." She muttered, looking over at him. It would all be worth it, being here, as long as she had Stiles alongside her.

Erica let out a small giggle, nodding enthusiastically. “I’d love that, I still haven’t been able to see Frozen, I’ve been so worried and busy for it. Also, since I don’t have a laptop it’s pretty pointless, so yes, I’d love that. She’s honestly calming down, looking forward to spending time in the hospital. She never thought she would say that, but Stiles makes it way more fun, and besides, maybe one of the medications will work on her eventually.

"Maybe the internet can help, yea, but I don’t think so." Erica chewed her bottom lip, tilting her head to the side. "W-why do you uh-like my lips?" She asked. Maybe he actually liked her? God, she wished he did. That would make all of this so much easier. "Would you mind lying down and maybe holding me? I just….I really need sleep and I sleep more comfortable next to someone and well….I just need you to hold me, kinda."



Isaac smiled up at her weakly “You know I will.” he assured her in a small voice, squeezing her free hand “Don’t worry about me, okay? Focus on the baby…I’m fine, honest.” although he tried he couldn’t make his words sound very convincing at all…the truth was, he hadn’t been the same since that bomb hit, something deep inside of him was broken beyond repair…he just didn’t know what.

Erica nods, gaze moving to her stomach. “They are probably going to come in soon to give me an ultrasound. I told them I wanted it.” She squeezed his hand in hers, sighing. “I will focus on you more if I want to. I love you, you are my everything. I don’t even know how I could’ve gone along without you. Our child would grow up without a father and I just-” She let out a whine, eyes tearing up. “I just need you to be here and get better..”

"If you can’t make fun of yourself, I suspect you won’t have many laughs in this world."